Engine Mount Modifications.

Remeber that the Australian CRX with the D16A8 has a chassis code of "ED9" where the Japanese CRX SiR is "EF8". There are some differences in the front of these two chassis. The rest is the same. There was a few different ways to get the engine into the car. Because three out of the four engine mounts needed to be moved. There are a few engine mount kit's available in the U.S. But at the time these kit's looked really shonky and placed the engine too low and too close to the firewall. So I decided to get the engine mounts removed and re-installed in the exact location needed for the new engine. The new engine was temporarily installed and measured up correctly and the new mounts welded in. 

The mount Above is the rear mount. As you can see I have used the Integra DA6 rear engine mount and mounted in into the other spare holes. The original mount was actually on the left, you can still see the bolt holes. So by placing this mount in the spare bolt holes it lined up the engine perfectly. Also had to bend some of the cross member's edge down a little.

This is the front mount. It also had to be moved slightly. We also used new mounting plates as the old ones were of on no use once taken off.

This is the drivers side mount, This mount was also moved slightly forward. We re-used the original mounts. The only engine mount that was not moved was the passengers side mount. (Remember this is an Australian model. Right hand drive.)

After completing these engine mount modifications the engine bay was cleaned up and resprayed.